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Daphne Hereford

Daphne Hereford and dogs fixed

Daphne Hereford of Crockett, Texas passed away on Friday, November 1, 2019 at the age of 69. She was born January 5, 1950 in Marysville, California, but lived the majority of her life in Texas. She was preceded in death by her grandmother, Jannettia Brodsgaard Propps and survived by her son, James Yanchak, and wife, Fiona Macdonald of Delray Beach, Florida; grandchildren, Brenna Yanchak, Cassidy Garcia, and Brandon Garcia.

Daphne wanted to thank those special to her in her own words….

I want to thank my Friends who have stood by me no matter what, Candy Driskell, Terry Cutler, and Brenda Ball, of Houston County. They were my rock, they were always there for me, Always. For that I am eternally grateful.

I must recognize the wonderful members of German Shepherd Dog Club of America who stood by me and RIN TIN TIN

Thank you Nancy Hibiske Reed for bringing the Museum of Dogs ( to fruition. It will give breeders a venue to keep their collections of GSD memorabilia together when they pass. And a place to honor the breed.

And sweet Joyce Welton, a little angel and so many others who were nice to me.

Daphne’s Life’s Passion

From the age of 5, Daphne was raised by her grandmother who continued the Rin Tin Tin German Shepherd dog line following the death of Lee Duncan, Rinty’s owner and handler.

The Linebred descendants of Rin-Tin-Tin IV produced by the breeding program were the result of the efforts of Lee Duncan and his vision which was continued by Bodyguard Kennels and Jannettia Propps and then in turn continued by her granddaughter Daphne Hereford. This bloodline is over 100 years old and the Linebred descendants have been carefully bred for over six decades, making the bloodline widely considered one of the oldest continuous bloodlines in the breed’s 120-year history. There have been ups and downs, good and bad, but at the end of the day the lineage, and the precious dogs, were, for several decades, preserved in the manner Lee Duncan wanted. And for that he is likely grateful.

The auspicious beginnings of the line would lead to two families dedicating their lives to the preservation of not only the legacy of the lineage, but also the quality dogs for which they have become known. The foundation of the criteria for the breeding program American Corporal Lee Duncan would establish began when he checked recently captured German airfield near the Lorraine border at Fluiry on Sept. 15, 1918.

Daphne’s Life and passion is documented in her book, Hollywood Dogs. It can be read online at:

“Blessings to you Daphne Hereford. Your book will remain on my web site as long as I am around. I remember my encounters with Lee Duncan and of my finally getting my dog from him. She remains one of my all-time favorites. What a heritage you followed and maintained. It was Rin Tin Tin that rescued Warner Brothers Pictures from bankruptcy and became the biggest star of his time. He also raised the popularity of our beloved breed in his time and from then on. The GSD in America owes a debt of gratitude to Lee Duncan, Rin Tin Tin, and also to you Daphne. So many of us started with this breed through Rin Tin Tin. The legacy of the dog, his trainer and of you will live on.

Of course, Warner Brothers has moved on to other times and other endeavors, but without this heritage they would not exist. The breed has also survived and moved on, yet it certainly would not have had its popularity without this heritage.

Some people merely exist through life. Some do nothing, serve no purpose or have no successes in life. But some find a cause, wrestle with the obstacles and emerge triumphant over all adversity. You are one of those Daphne. Well done, good and faithful servant.”  David Fritsche

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  1. So saddened to hear about Daphne’s passing. The Houston County Courier was never the same without her. Her legacy is her love and devotion to Rin Tin Tin and German Shepherd dogs. My condolences to her family and closest friends.

  2. You did good Daphne thank you for the opportunity. May you now rest in peace.

  3. Thank you for everything, I would not be where I am if not for you!!!

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