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Dr. Cecil Fred Ramsundar

Cecil Ramsundar

Neurophysiologist Dr. Cecil F. Ramsundar amassed a distinguished forty-seven year academic career (1971-2017) with the University of The District Of Columbia. His final thirty-eight years of perfect attendance bespeaks of his dedication, endurance, and diligence. Over time he served as a Professor in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology; however, his true passion was in teaching Nursing, Allied Health, and Anatomy & Physiology. Throughout his tenure he served in various capacities as a Pre-Dental & Pre-Med advisor, Allied Health coordinator, and Liaison with graduate and professional schools.

Although he was approached with career opportunities at various universities: Georgetown, Trinity, Texas Southern, Howard, several schools in Florida, and a university in South Korea, he respectfully turned them all down. He carefully considered the entreatment of his former Doctoral Preceptor, Dr. James Holloway, who wanted Cecil to apply to replace him as the head of Howard University’s Neurophysiology Department; however, he ultimately declined this offer as well. Once he became a professor emeritus, his reflections from his days as a school monitor, a constant career day participant, scientific journal contributor, national textbook contributor & reviewer, member of several dissertation committees, and an invitation to join Faculty Row while still an active professor made him smile at his decision to stay the course of his own choosing.

Cecil was born a British National on April 6th, 1937 in Clonmel, St. Mary’s Parish, Jamaica before the island’s independence. He was the eldest child of the late Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick (Viola Maywa) Ramsundar, merchants and real estate investors, the vestiges of which remained with Cecil throughout his life. Although his parents were Hindu (Brahmin), he embraced Christianity while boarding at Happy Grove Prep Academy, and adhered to its tenets thereafter by teaching Sunday school, ushering, and serving as a youth counselor. These good works were not neglected upon his arrival at Texas Southern University where he eventually became a YMCA official, all of which aided him in becoming listed in, “Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities.”

He received a Baccalaureate Degree in Biology from Texas Southern University, continuing with a Master of Science Degree from Minnesota, and eventually a Doctorate in Academic Medicine through Howard University’s Medical School. He continued upgrading his skills via National Science Foundation Grants, seminars, conferences, research grants, peer reviews, journal subscriptions/analyses, symposia, and other collegial outreaches.

Cecil married Nathalia Celeste King, a Crockett native, on June 4th, 1964 at the Guardian Angel Catholic Church in Houston, Texas. Although they relocated for educational opportunities & career mobility, returning to Crockett always remained uppermost in their retirement planning. Cecil developed a deep and abiding love for Crockett, whereupon, he was able to facilitate the nearness of friends and family for himself and his convalescing wife. He also relished in the nearby shopping availabilities, the people, gardening possibilities, and the city’s charm.

One of his deepest regrets was that he was never able to return home to Crockett to grow subtropical and exotic plants.

Many people throughout his life thought he had an eccentric personality; however, he promoted family aspirations, personal accomplishments, family entertaining, and practiced informed philanthropy.

He is survived by his wife of 54 years, Dr. Nathalia King Ramsundar, and their beloved dedicated son, Krishna Ramsundar of Washington, DC; brothers, Warren Ramsundar and Walter Ramsundar and wife, Rose of Toronto; sister, Carmen Ramsundar of London, England; an array of nieces and nephews in the US, Canada, The West Indies, and the descendants of his late Aunt Victoria Maywa Jennings; sister-in-law, Claudette King.

Funeral services for Dr. Cecil Fred Ramsundar will be held at 11:00 a.m. Thursday, January 17, 2019 in the Callaway-Allee Memorial Chapel in Crockett, Texas.  Interment will follow in the Glenwood Cemetery in Crockett, Texas.

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  1. Someone once very close,
    Someone you grew up with
    Someone when he goes away to college/UNI
    affected you so much you were always ill
    until he comes back home for holidays.
    It will be very difficult to deal with his loss.
    You are now in God’s Arms my brother.

    Your only sister

  2. Never met him, but had several business dealings with him. He was THE nicest person. I shall miss our telephone visits.

  3. Dr. Ramsundar was a mentor and friend for me here at UDC. He was the life of our division, guiding us along the path. We looked upto him, we liked his positive criticism and we loved the way he treated us – only with respect. You will always be in our hearts. You will be missed.

  4. Only met once, in his home in Crockett, but it seemed I had known him as long as I knew his lovely wife, Nathalia. Much sympathy to the family.

    Lula Givens

  5. I got know Dr. Ramsundar in A&P I and II at UDC. I appreciated his broad knowledge and ability to answer all of my (many) questions. He never minced words-criticism was constructive and encouragement authentic. I will always remember him for his enthusiasm, support, easy nature and kind words.

  6. Dear Nathalia,
    You and Cecil remained lifelong friends through the Paul Quinn, Texas Southern years and beyond.
    May the wonderful memories remain in our hearts and minds forever.
    With sincere sympathy and love.

  7. I’ve never had the pleasure to meet you which which makes me sad inside. However My Father your youngest brother always let us know who actually you were and for that I say Rest In Paradise Uncle Cecil your done job is done here Love your niece Kimberlee Ramsundar

  8. Dear Nathalia, Krishner & Family,

    As a youth conscious of his spiritual needs, and throughout our years as family friends, we’ve observed Cecil continuously seeking to embrace and demonstrate the fruitages of God’s holy spirit cited at Galatians 5:22.

    There despite life’s challenges, we are all encouraged to practice being loving, joyful, peaceable, long-suffering, full of kindness, goodness, and mildness, etc.

    What a beautiful legacy and inheritance Cecil has left his loved ones to imitate.

    With much love,
    Barry and Lynda Balthrop & Family

    2 Corinthians 1:2,3

  9. Dr.Ramsundar was my Anatomy and Physiology I and II professor at The University of the District of Columbia (UDC). He was an excellent instructor with seemingly infinite knowledge on the subject. He genuinely cared about his students and the University! I often still remember his daily mantra, “Keep on booking!”
    I pray that God will comfort his loved ones and family at this time!

    Ralphia Worthington C/O 2002 UDC

  10. I am Louis W Parks, I am a cousin of Dr Cecil Ramsundar.
    My mother’s name is Adlin Ramsundar
    Albany, St Mary, Jamaica W I
    Cecil and his parents and sister Carmen with brothers Warren and Leo were
    living in Kingston off Hagley Park Road close to Robinson Road.
    I am in touch with Carmen and Warren.
    Carmen is the one that told me of his death.
    I have not seen him for over 50 years because I have been living in New York for the last 49 years.
    May god bless you.


  11. Condolences to Nathalia who Cecil loved and cherished devoutly, and the entire Ramsundar Family. I met Nathalia only once in Cecil’s home in NW Washington, D.C. and I can say that their love for each other was genuine. My fondest memory of Cecil was serving on his Doctoral Dissertation Defense Committee along with his mentor, Jim Holloway, Dr. Ovid Trouth and several others. Although Cecil had conducted a first class dissertation and was well prepared to defend it, one member of the committee least informed in the nuances of neurophysiology, tried vainly to discredit Cecil. Being an NIH-Georgetown U. trained neurophysiologist, I came to Cecil’s rescue and rebutted all of his unfounded criticisms of Cecil and he passed his dissertation defense with distinction. I later, served several years as an Adjunct Professor alongside Cecil in the Division of Natural and Physical Sciences at UDC, where he was a tireless and dedicated faculty member.
    I am deeply moved and saddened upon learning of his untimely passing.

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