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Nancy B. Fritts

Nancy Fritts corrected

Nancy Fritts, age 85, of Grapeland passed away Monday, December 24, 2018 in Palestine Regional Hospital. She was born May 20, 1933 in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee to parents, Charles H. Bacon and Grace Evelyn Fritts. Nancy was raised and graduated from Miss Harris’ School for Girls in Miami Beach, Florida and received her doctorate degree in psychology. She was proud of her Cherokee heritage and was given her Cherokee name, Nansih Spirit Song, by her grandmother.   Nancy moved to Grapeland, Texas in 1972, maintaining a wildlife refuge, was one of the founders of the 200th chapter of the National Audubon Soceity covering counties, wrote a weekly column for five papers and published monthly, then quarterly-the newsletter that covered the globe. She also did television programs in Palestine, Texas and Lufkin, Texas always advocating the care of the universe in her lectures. In the late 1980s, she wrote a successful pet care book on using herbs and natural means for healing. The Wolf clan was part of her heritage, having relatives in the long ago Longhair clan who were considered healers. Her grandmother and mother, Memiwah, began teaching Nansih at an early age then gave her wings and a firm foundation.

Nancy wrote two books “Minerals The Rainbow Connection” and “Did You Ever Dance with a Dragon?”  Nancy developed her love of writing from her parents who both kept journals throughout their lives and passed them down to her. She and her husband Daniel invented the Kitty Medic, Post Puller, and Wire Roller.

Nancy is survived by her husband of 14 years, Daniel Saavedra of Grapeland; cousin, Jim Galyon of North Carolina; animal caregiver, Stanley Taylor.

Funeral services for Nancy “Nansih” Fritts were held Saturday, January 5, 2018 in the Berry Highland Memorial Funeral Home, 5315 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919.  Interment followed in the Berry Highland Memorial Cemetery.

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The Jewel Connection:

My dawn is a sea of carnelian and rose quartz that forms a backdrop for the sapphire skies and citrine sun that follow.

Emerald green grass plays host to myriad diamond dewdrop webs centered by jet-black spiders.

Petrified wood tress with jade green leaves dot the landscape and riverlets of clear quartz bubble merrily along banks of mottled jasper and moss agate.

…….This is in my book. It came to me in a dream. Keep a pen and pad by your bed—you may be surprised!         Nancy B. Fritts (NANSIH SPIRIT SONG)

  1. A great lady she was. She will be miss. Dian Buckleyz

  2. Nan was my sister in spirit. A beautiful soul and a great help to animals. she will be missed. but i know she is our own angel now

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